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The interests and needs of our clients are our highest priority.

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We are reliable, trustworthy, and affordable.

We aim to ensure our participants are carefully matched with our supportive support workers who we believe would be the best fit for each of our clients.

Disability Services Perth | Oppia Health Services

About Us

Oppia Health Services is a service provider under the National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS) formally established to support and provide care for individuals living with disability in Victoria and Western Australia.

With respect, compassion, and integrity as part of its core values, Oppia employs a client-centred approach to provide unique and quality service to all participants. Additionally, the staff at Oppia are carefully vetted, selected and are well trained, this means we are professional, transparent, respectful and we always work towards the best interest of our participants.

Our Story

Oppia Health Services came into service in early 2022 founded by a Registered Nurse and a Social Worker who have an extensive experience and knowledge in disability support and care.

Oppia operates under the National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS). It delivers various, flexible, and individualised services to persons living with disabilities. Our service is focused on providing culturally inclusive highest quality of care. At Oppia, we work hand in hand with participants and caregivers to ensure appropriate support is delivered in a timely manner.
We are committed to improving and maintaining service delivery to all participants and their families and caregivers. As we believe in evidence-based practice, we value feedback and we listen to understand your concerns and implement the best possible care plan to ensure your needs are met, because our goal is to optimise your quality of day-to-day living.

Oppia is built up of a team of qualified professionals, so be guaranteed you will be listened to and supported appropriately.

Disability Support Services Perth | Oppia Health Services

Our Mission

Oppia Health Services’ mission is to provide dependable NDIS disability support services that are grounded on genuine care and professional experience and knowledge.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leader in providing high quality, reliable, safe, and personalised support in a safe environment.

Core Values

OPPIA HEALTH SERVICES’ core values include:

OPPIA HEALTH SERVICES chose these values because they aligned with our personal values.

OPPIA HEALTH SERVICES supports participants with

Participant age groups


Participant age groups


Work With Our Professional Team of NDIS Disability Support Workers

Oppia Health Services is here to help you live life to the fullest. Learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals!

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