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The interests and needs of our participants are our highest priority in providing our disability support services in Melbourne.


We Have Reliable, Trustworthy, And Affordable Disability Support Services


OPPIA Health services is a disability services provider under the National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS) formally established to support and provide disability care for individuals living with disability in Victoria and Western Australia.

With respect, compassion, and integrity as part of its core values, Oppia employs a participant-centred approach to provide unique and quality NDIS support services to all participants. Additionally, the staff at Oppia are carefully vetted, selected and are well trained, this means we are professional, transparent, respectful and we always work towards the best interest of our participants. Included in our disability support are Supported Independent Living NDIS, respite care, accommodation, transport assistance and more.

With the mission to elevate the field of disability support in Australia, our team’s expertise, care facilities, and disability care services are all well-executed for the benefit of our participants.


Dependable & Affordable Disability Support Services in Perth

“I want to work with a reliable yet cost-efficient disability support services near me”. Your request for high quality NDIS supports and competent disability services in Perth WA is our command. Here are the NDIS disability services you can avail from Oppia Health Services:

Disability Services Near Me | Oppia Health Services

Support Coordination

Oppia Health services will help you make the most of your NDIS plan by assisting you in your daily needs and providing appropriate support services.

Disability Services | Oppia Health Services

Respite Care

Oppia Health services allows primary caregivers to take a break from their duties by taking advantage of our in-home respite care service.

Ndis Providers Near Me | Oppia Health Services

Accommodation Tenancy

Our support coordinators can help you find the perfect home away from home, where you will be supported with your essential needs.

Ndis Victoria | Oppia Health Services

Assist Personal Activities

Oppia Health services staff can make it easier for you to live an enjoyable life through our range of personal activity assistance services.

Ndis Supports | Oppia Health Services

Assist Travel or Transport

Go anywhere you want with our dependable travel and transport assistance. We can accompany you to your appointments.

Disability Support Services Near Me | Oppia Health Services

Daily Tasks Shared Living & Respite

The goal of our service here at Oppia Health services is to make your life easier by teaching you how to live on your own or with other people.

Disability Support Services Melbourne | Oppia Health Services

Development Life Skills Training

Take the change to live independently by undergoing our life skills training, which includes computer and public transportation usage.

Ndis Support Services | Oppia Health Services

Household Tasks

Get dependable support and assistance in performing household chores, including house cleaning and end-of-lease cleaning.

Innovative Community Participation

By participating in social outings and other group activities offered by Oppia Healthcare, you can expand your social circle and learn skills.

Group and Centre Activities

At Oppia Healthcare, we treat each other as family. All participants benefit from our group activities that hone interpersonal skills.

Disability Care Services | Oppia Health Services

Innovative Community Participation

By participating in social outings and other group activities offered by Oppia Health services, you can expand your social circle and learn skills.

Disability Support Australia | Oppia Health Services

Group and Centre Activities

At Oppia Health services, we treat each other as family. All participants benefit from our group activities that hone interpersonal skills.


Work With Our Professional Team Of NDIS Disability Support Workers and NDIS Providers

Oppia Health services is here to help you live life to the fullest. Learn more about our disability services in Perth and how we can help you achieve your goals. As a disability provider, Oppia Health Services holds high standards in providing DSA or Disability Services in Australia

To start, we made an effort to complete the requirements and operate as a registered NDIS provider. NDIS Victoria has granted our registration and made it possible for us to contribute to the development of disability services in Australia. It is now our responsibility to always uphold the values of a great NDIS service provider. We listed below the reasons why we can be the best disability service provider near you:

  • As the answer to your quest for a great “disability support near me”, Oppia Health Services ticks all the boxes you are seeking.
  • You get to enjoy NDIS services near you and avoid the hassle of travelling to far away providers.
  • Experience Australia disability services at its finest and most genuine form.
  • Looking for quality disability services near you became more accessible and easier.

In the end, when you decide to partner with us, you can finally utter these words, “I am glad I found one of the best NDIS providers near me in Oppia Health Services!”

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