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Oppia Health Services The Trusted Disability Support Services in Melbourne

Oppia Health Services: The Trusted Disability Support Services in Melbourne

The main concern of elderly and people living with complexities is daily assistance and support. They need greater support depending on the severity of their needs. Base from the last statistics made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of people living with disabilities varies from age, sex and living conditions.

Judging from the statistics stated above, it is obvious that our country needs more support providers. For people living in the area of Victoria, there is one NDIS provider that is committed and efficient in delivering their disability care – Oppia Health Services. This blog is created to inform more eligible participants about our approach in delivering our disability support services.

The Disability Support in Australia You Deserve

Let Oppia Health Services break the barriers in your life brought by old age and different medical conditions. You can enjoy the positive effects of our quality services such as:

Support Coordination

Getting the best support services and care team is our main goal in creating each of our participant’s NDIS plans. Oppia has the best NDIS coordinator for you!

Respite Care

Oppia Health Services takes respite to the next level by providing the most flexible and customised respite care you may need.

Accommodation Tenancy

We want to ensure your safety, comfort and wellness. This is why Oppia Health Services only provide housing options that match your needs.

Assist-Life Stage/ Transition

Taking the next level of education? Or a new job? Oppia is here to give you sufficient classes and courses to reach your full potential.

Assist Personal Activities

We can make your daily tasks more manageable with the help of our experienced and skilled disability support workers.

Assist Travel or Transport

Attend all your important appointments and other recreational activities together with our reliable transport assistance team.

Daily Tasks Shared Living & Respite

Our team can help you get in your best shape and health in a shared living set up or a short-stay in our respite accommodation.

Development Life Skills Training

Learn new skills like using the computer, traveling using public transportation, learning a new sport and other interesting activities.

Household Tasks

Our professional house cleaners and gardeners can make your living space more comfortable and a safer place to live in.

Innovative Community Participation

Take the chance to be part of more community activities that can boost your confidence and develop new skills here at Oppia.

Group and Centre Activities

Meet new friends and develop your socialisation skills through Oppia Health Services fun and interesting group and centre activities.

Oppia Health Services The Trusted Disability Support Services in Melbourne second

Take the First Step Towards Change With Oppia Health Services

Oppia Health Services welcomes you warmly to be part of our growing family. We devote our knowledge, skills and expertise to bring a better life for all our participants. Our disability support follows the highest standard for the national disability services in Australia. Rest assured that your NDIS funds or hard-earned money goes to a worthy company. Connect with Oppia Health Services today to get started!

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